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Vendula 30s House of Jazz Large Ziparound Wallet in Zwart

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One size 10.5 19 2.5

''Come see Ella Catzgerald & The Cool Cats tonight!'' Waan je in een smoky underground vintage Jazz Club met deze 30s House of Jazz Large Ziparound Wallet in Zwart! Het is bijna onmogelijk te omschrijven hoe mooi deze handgemaakte portemonnee is! Dit grote model is geheel uitgevoerd in zwart en rood 'faux' leder en laat een jazz club zien met goudkleurige details en natuurlijk The Cool Cats Jazz band. Door al die verschillende kleuren, materialen en het delicate stikwerk is het eigenlijk een gedetailleerd kunstwerkje. ''Life is a lot like jazz, it's best when you improvise!''


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  • Vegan approved!
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when you find the store from your imagination

A few years ago, I first tried on a dress from by my mother-in-law, a dress with more than 30 years of experience (it was a real struggle to obtain a good dress in the USSR times). And I felt so feminine and stunning. The curves, the cut and the allure, so elegant. I've come to understand that vintage clothes are from my movie. Ever since then, in my head I had the idea that it would be nice to have a store where I can find a retro outfit with a tail, up to accessories, elements, vibe. In my imagination, the store had to give me a moment, an emotion, a history. A place that gives you the impression that Audrey Hepburn just left the store and you can feel her fragrance choice. And ... voila, in January I found this store. But it's not just a boutique that offers vintage clothes, it's a whole concept. Have you seen their site? How creatively they entitle their team members? How gorgeous the models are? I was lost for 2 hours navigating and looking for outfits.
So, I thought to offer myself a present for my birthday and did my first order. And the story started when I pushed the button ‘order’. You receive a message, that now you should sit and relax, waiting for the beauty. Then, the waiting time was quite short. So, very fast (3 days), I entered the room and saw the cute box. I mean cute, cause it gave me the impression that it has something so fragile inside, that I need to open it with carefulness. You need some privacy to take your top vintage moment :). The dress and wallet I got - are just unique pieces. The wallet with jazz cats is such a beauty in reality. Now I visualise many outfits. I already have the next one in mind, which is inspired by the outfits of Beth from the Queen’s Gambit movie!
Merci beaucoup for this moment, I fully enjoyed it.
P.S. And then i entered the review section, i saw that it is called 'share the love'. Isnt that about emotions more than just clothes? J'adore !!!

Dear Diana, thank you so much for sharing your TopVintage moment with all of us! Your story really touched us, thank you so much for letting us know your experience! We wish you lots of fun wearing these gorgeous items, and of course we hope to see you back very soon for a new magical TopVintage moment ;-)

Kindest regards,
Customer Support

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