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Vive Maria 50s Miss Lilou Houndstooth Dress in Navy and Red
Unique Vintage 50s I Love Lucy x UV TV Star Pencil Dress in Black and White Houndstooth
Blutsgeschwister 50s Etui De La Elodie Dress in Classic Chic Black
Blutsgeschwister 50s Sweet Seduction Skirt in Classic Chic Black
Collectif Clothing 50s Katya Houndstooth Pencil Dress in Black and White
Collectif Clothing 50s Winona Houndstooth Swing Dress in Black and White
Belsira 50s Emerson Houndstooth Blouse in Black and Ivory
Banned♥TopVintage 60s Golden Years Check Pumps in Black
€ 89,95
€ 35,98
Vive Maria 50s Upper West Blazer in Grey