Romeo, ohhh Romeo... een TopVintage pakketje ontvangen is toch veel leuker dan een liefdesbrief? ;-) Onze Valentijnscollectie is romantisch, vrouwelijk en zorgt ervoor dat je helemaal klaar bent voor een date met je eigen Romeo. Iedere dag lijkt wel Valentijnsdag wanneer je een TopVintage pakketje ontvangt!

Nieuw! Collectif Clothing 50s Billie Cinch Stretch Belt in Red
Nieuw! HopSkip And Flutter 60s Porcelain Poppy Stud Earrings in Red
Sweet Cherry 50s Rose Wine Glass Earrings in Red and Gold
Lulu Hun 60s Giselle T-Strap Pumps in Red
Back in stock! Compania Fantastica 60s Helena Hearts Shirt Dress in Black
La Veintinueve 60s Ada Patent Leather T-Strap Pumps in Red
Compania Fantastica 60s Camisa Hearts Blouse in Black
B.A.I.T. 40s Robbie T-Strap Pumps in Lipstick Red
Lady V by Lady Vintage 50s Dorothy Sweetheart Dress in Black
Bettie Page Shoes 50s Allie Mary Jane Pumps in Red
Glamour Bunny 50s Selena Pencil Dress in Burgundy
Who's That Girl 60s Nancy Brussels Dress in Wine Red
Glamour Bunny 50s Aline Swing Dress in Bordeaux
Emily and Fin 60s Elspeth Lipstick Scribble Blouse in Red
The Vintage Cosmetic Company Make-Up Cloths in Leopard
Glamour Bunny 50s Harley Pencil Dress in Red
Miss L-Fire 50s Layla Suede Sweetheart Pumps in Ruby Red
Lulu Hun 50s Martina Love Letter Satchel Bag in Black
Collectif Clothing 40s Giannina Swing Dress in Burgundy
Closet London 60s Sherri Pencil Dress in Bright Red
Glamour Bunny 50s Jessica Pencil Dress in Red
Lulu Hun 50s Carrie T-Strap Pumps in Red
Collectif ♥ TopVintage 50s Vanessa Shoes Love Pencil Dress in Black
Collectif ♥ TopVintage 50s Mimi Shoes Love Doll Dress in Black
Collectif ♥ TopVintage 50s Dolores Shoes Love Top in Black
Urban Hippies 60s Goldplated Dot Earrings in Glossy Red
Pretty Vacant 60s Sheena Hearts Dress in Burgundy
Lola Ramona 60s Eve Vegan Rosy Block Heel Pumps in Red
Vixen 50s Frances Heart Polka Dot Tea Dress in Black
Lulu Hun 60s Chrissie Patent T-Strap Pumps in Lipstick Red
Lulu Hun 50s Mona High Heels in Lipstick Red
Emily and Fin 60s Felicity Swans Dress in Navy
Emily and Fin 60s Elspeth Swans Blouse in Pink
Lola Ramona ♥ TopVintage 50s Angie Grow A Back Bow Pumps in Burned Red
Collectif Clothing 50s Jade Plain Belt in Red
Vintage Diva by TopVintage The Amber Swing Dress in Black
Banned Retro 50s Fru Fru Knitted Scarf in Red
Darling Divine 50s Pearl Love Earrings in Gold
Darling Divine 50s Red Rock Necklace in Silver
Collectif Clothing 50s Florence Wool Fascinator Hat in Red
Pretty Vacant 60s Gaby Hearts Blouse in Raspberry
Tante Betsy 60s Trudy Hearts Dress in Blue
Tante Betsy 60s Trudy Hearts Dress in Red
Sweet Cherry 50s Pearl Love Drop Earrings in Ivory
Back in stock! King Louie 50s Audrey Heart Ajour Top in Honey Yellow
King Louie 50s Audrey Heart Ajour Top in Black
King Louie 50s Audrey Heart Ajour Top in Dragonfly Green
King Louie 50s Diamond Cotton Club Top in Chili Red
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