Een van onze meest populaire prints uit de jaren 50 zijn de kersjes cherry cherries

Louche 50s Sparkling Cherry Stud Earrings in Gold
Louche 50s Tutti Frutti Fruit Earring Set
Lulu Hun 50s Sandra Gingham Cherry Bag in Black and White
Smashed Lemon 50s Raegen Cherry Polkadot Swing Dress in Pink
Joe Browns Couture 50s Diva Pumps in Red and Navy
Lulu Hun 60s Twinnie Cherry Wedge Sandals in Black and White
Belsira 50s Millie Cherry Pencil Skirt in Black
Vixen 50s Zoey Sailor Shorts in Cherry Stripe
Vixen 50s Natalie Top in Cherry Stripe Yellow
Vixen 50s Bailey Cherry Stripe Capri Overalls in Blue
Vixen 50s Emily Swing Skirt in Cherry Stripe Yellow
Vixen 50s Ariel Cherry and Blossom Playsuit in Black
Pussy Deluxe 50s Cherry Blossom Swimsuit in Black
Blutsgeschwister 60s Festtagstracht Robe in Red Meadow
Hearts & Roses 50s Sweet Cherry Floral Wiggle Dress in White
Vixen 50s Cherry Floppy Sun Hat in Brown
Sweet Cherry 50s Minnie Cherry Earstuds Hangers in White
Sweet Cherry 50s Polka Dot Cherry Earhanger in Green
Banned Retro 50s Cherry Pop Front Button Swing Skirt in White
Banned Retro 50s Cherry Pop Pencil Skirt in White
Hearts & Roses 50s Cherry On Top Swing Dress in White
Collectif Clothing 50s Charlene Cherries Cardigan in Black
Vixen 50s Shelley Cherry and Stripes Flared Dress in Blue
Vixen 50s Cheryl Cherry Tea Dress in Black
Vixen 40s Bella Cherry Blouse in Black
King Louie 50s Dolce Vita Tube Skirt in Peacoat Blue
King Louie 50s Lucy Dolce Vita Dress in Peacoat Blue
Vixen 50s Cherry Pom Pom Wicker Bag in Natural
Bunny 50s Sweetie Top in White
Bunny 50s Sweetie Swing Skirt in White
Bunny 50s Sweetie Swing Dress in White
Mademoiselle YéYé 50s Pick A Cherry Dress in Red and White Stripes
Back in stock! Banned Retro 50s Cherry Soda Tie Top in Black
TopVintage Boutique Collection 50s Rosemary Cherry Swing Dress in Ivory White
Banned Retro 50s Cherry Tie Top in Light Blue
Back in stock! Belsira 50s Sweet Cherry Bikini Pants in Turquoise
Belsira 50s Sweet Cherry Bikini Top in Turquoise
Mak Sweater 50s Jennie Cherry Cardigan in Ivory
Banned Retro 60s Marilou Polka Flats in Black
So Rainy 50s Cherry Transparent Dome Umbrella
Back in stock! Vixen 50s Sparkly Cherry Necklace in Gold
Back in stock! Sweet Cherry 50s Cherry Drop Earrings in Black and Red
Sunny Life 50s Inflatable Cherry Pool Ring
Collectif Clothing 50s Cherry Vintage Gingham Swing Skirt in Black and White
Banned Retro 50s Cherry Love Twist Top in Light Blue
Sweet Cherry 50s Sweet Sparkling Cherries Earrings in Red
Back in stock! Belsira 50s Cherry Swimsuit in Black
Collectif Clothing 60s My Sweet Cherry Brooch
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