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Classy Chic

Parels, elegante jurken en stijlvolle pumps... je kunt het allemaal vinden in onze brede Classy Chic collectie! Classy Chic items zijn geschikt voor iedere gelegenheid en zorgen ervoor dat je nooit under- of overdressed voor de dag komt ;-) Zoals Coco Chanel ooit zei; ''A girl should be two things; classy and fabulous''.

Nieuw! Hearts & Roses 50s Rosalie Wool Swing Coat in Red and Pink
Banned Retro 50s Gold Rush Lacquer Bow Belt in Magenta
Lovely 20s Emma Leaf Drop Earrings
Chelsea Crew 60s Orly Shoe Booties in Burgundy and Mauve
Collectif Clothing 50s Florence Bouquet Earstuds in Pink
King Louie 60s Vallina Roundneck Wool Cardi in Velvet Pink
Glamfemme 50s Chrystal Drop Earrings in Pink
Back in stock! Banned Retro 50s Loft Furry Cardigan in Powder Pink
Back in stock! Miss Candyfloss 50s Ariadne Tartan Jumpsuit in Grey and Mauve
Lovely 50s Loveheart Brooch in Gold and Pink
Lovely 50s Small Rose Bracelet in Soft Pink
€ 76,95
€ 46,17
Paper Dolls 60s Liliana Jumpsuit in Rose Blush
€ 77,95
€ 46,77
Collectif Clothing 50s Leonie Swing Dress in Raspberry
€ 149,95
€ 59,98
La Veintinueve 60s Janet Leather Low Heel Sandals in Red and Coral
€ 74,95
€ 44,97
Chelsea Crew 50s Catherina Peeptoe Pumps in Coral
€ 117,50
€ 82,25
Miss Candyfloss 50s Thelise Swing Dress in Coral Pink
€ 93,95
€ 56,37
Lola Ramona ♥ TopVintage 50s Ava Carina Bow Sandalettes in Pink
€ 124,95
€ 74,97
Lola Ramona ♥ TopVintage 50s June Gelato Pumps in Off White and Pink
Splendette TopVintage exclusive ~ 50s Rose Fakelite Carved Bangles Set in Rose Pink
Splendette TopVintage exclusive ~ 50s Bon Bon Fakelite Midi Carved Bangle in Pastel Pink
€ 74,95
€ 29,98
Yull 60s Bath Pumps in Raspberry Pink
€ 44,95
€ 26,97
Lulu Hun 60s Chrissie T-Strap Pumps in Light Pink
€ 89,95
€ 35,98
Bettie Page Shoes 50s Brooklyn T-Strap Peeptoe Sandals in Peach
€ 89,95
€ 53,97
Bettie Page Shoes 50s Sue Peeptoe Pumps in Pink
€ 54,95
€ 32,97
Vintage Chic for TopVintage 50s Rosenna Lace Pencil Dress in Dusty Pink
€ 69,95
€ 34,98
LE PEP 60s Ciska Top in Emberglow
€ 84,95
€ 33,98
Bettie Page Shoes 50s Nicole Peeptoe Pumps in Pink
€ 82,95
€ 49,77
Bettie Page Shoes 50s Margot Strappy Sandals in Pink
€ 99,95
€ 49,98
Cyell 60s California Dream Bathingsuit in Blue and Pink
Back in stock! Lady Luck's Boutique 50s Ellen Double Rose Hair Clip in Light Pink
€ 94,95
€ 47,48
Paper Dolls 60s Phoebe Floral Culotte Jumpsuit in Powder Pink
€ 78,95
€ 47,37
Ruby Shoo 50s Cleo Pumps in Soft Pink
€ 55,95
€ 27,98
Ruby Shoo 60s Ellen Sandals in Rose Champagne
€ 57,95
€ 23,18
Ruby Shoo 50s Santiago Handbag in Sage
€ 48,95
€ 19,58
Ruby Shoo 50s Tirana Clutch in Fuchsia
€ 62,95
€ 31,48
Bunny 50s Aquarelle Flower Dress in White
Sweet Cherry 50s Audrey Portrait Drop Earrings in Pink
€ 30,95
€ 15,48
Banned Retro 50s Pussy Crop Top in Rouge Pink
€ 74,95
€ 44,97
B.A.I.T. 50s Loraine Butterfly Platform Sandals in Rosette
€ 176,95
€ 70,78
Traffic People 70s Divided Jumpsuit in Red and Pink
€ 109,95
€ 54,98
King Louie 60s Sally Malaga Dress in Sparkling Fuchsia
What Katie Did 50s Dot High Waist Knickers in Dusky Rose
What Katie Did 50s Dot Bra in Dusky Rose
What Katie Did 50s Dot Suspender Belt in Dusky Rose
€ 72,95
€ 43,77
Closet London 60s Vivianna Pencil Dress in Coral Pink
What Katie Did 40s Retro Seamed Stockings in Pink Glamour
What Katie Did 40s Curve Retro Seamed Stockings in Black
Lollipops Matt Lipstick in Irresistible Rose